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Bud, Bud Light, Corona, Corona Light, Guinness, Mich Ultra, Coors Light, Miller Light, Negra Modello, Modello Especial, Twisted Tea, Blue Moon, Buckler Non Alcoholic


Little Wolf, Downeast Cider


Amigos all natural Hard Seltzer on tap! Choose flavor options of Natural, Blood Orange, Mango, Wildberry, Raspberry, Strawberry.


Bud Light, XX Amber, Modello Especial, Sam Seasonal, 603 Scenic Session, Fiddlehead IPA.

Amigos Famed Margaritas

18 Smiles 

1800 Coconut tequila, triple sec, mango puree, pineapple juice and Myers floater.

1800 Grand Gold 

1800 Reposado Tequila & Grand Marnier & Jamaican Lime Juice. No need to say more...

Blood Orange  

Lunazul Blanco tequila blended perfectly with bright blood orange juice, triple sec and lime juice.

Blue Hawaiian 

Say Aloha with Lunazul Reposado tequila, blue curacao blended with pineapple & Jamaican Lime Juice


This ain’t your father’s ldsmobile! 1800 Silver Tequila, Cointreau, Grand Marnier & Jamaican Lime Juice


Our house margarita made with Lunazul Reposado tequila, triple sec, & Jamaican Lime Juice

Coconut Telegraph 

An island favorite featuring Margaritaville Calypso Coconut Tequila, amaretto & Jamaican Lime Juice

Danno's Marg 

Herradura Reposado tequila, Cointreau & Jamaican Lime Juice. Named in loving memory of Dan "Danno" Decoteau.

Del Fuego 

In house jalapeno pepper infused Lunazul Blanco tequila, triple sec and Jamaican Gold lime juice.

Dr. Dave 

The slight adjustment of adding Cointreau to Patrón Silver Tequila & Jamaican Lime Juice will leave you feeling much better. No Co-pay with this one!


Avion Silver tequila, Cointreau, and Jamaican Gold Lime juice

Mi Amigo 

A top notch margarita made with Cuervo Traditional Tequila, Cointreau & Jamaican Lime Juice, straight up


1800 Anejo tequila, Grand Marnier, Jamaican Gold lime juice.

Miracle Margarita 

Milagro Reposado, Cointreau, agave nectar, and Jamaican Lime Juice with a cognac floater served straight up


Altos Reposado tequila, Cointreau, Jamaican Gold lime juice.


Maestro Dobel tequila, Cointreau, Jamaican Gold lime juice,

Skinny Marg 

Hornitos Plata tequila, soda water and a splash of fresh lime juice.

South Street Special 

A step up from our house margarita. Made with Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila

The Giggling Marley 

Sure to put a smile on your face. Cazadores Reposado Tequila, Cointreau, Jamaican Lime Juice & a splash of orange juice


Lunazul Blanco tequila, triple sec, lime juice, watermelon pucker.

Wild Berry 

A delicious concoction of blended berries, 1800 Silver Tequila & Jamaican Lime Juice.

Boat Drinks

Coyote Killer 

The name says it all! Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Malibu, Myers, Peach Schnapps, cranberry and pineapple juice

Mango Mai Tai 

Amaretto, Malibu Mango Rum, Myers Dark Rum & pineapple juice are perfectly sinful together

Moscow Mule 

Absolut Vodka, Fresh Lime Juice and Gosling’s Ginger Beer. Choice of Absolut, Absolut Citrus, Absolout Lime.


This frozen concoction of Malibu Passion Fruit & Coconut Rums blended with Pina Colada Mix makes this spectacular any time of year

Voo Doo Juice 

Be careful with this one!! Pineapple rum, Banana rum, Citrus rum, and Coconut rum, fruit juices, and a dark rum floater


1800 Anejo 

1800 Coconut 

1800 Reposado 

1800 Silver 

Altos Reposado 

Altos Silver 

Avion Silver 

Cabo Wabo Reposado 

Cazadores Reposado 

Don Julio Anejo 

Herradura Reposado 

Jose Cuervo Especial 

Jose Cuervo Tradicional 

Lunazul Blanco 

Lunazul Reposado 

Maestro Dobel Diamond 

Margaritaville Coconut 

Milagro Reposado 

Patron Silver 

Sauza Hornitos Anejo 

Sauza Hornitos Plata 

Sauza Hornitos Reposado 


Cabernet Sauvignon 


House Red Sangria 


Pinot Grigio  

Pinot Noir 

White Zinfandel